Beauty and Facial Symmetry: An Overview of a 100% Esthetic Relationship

Two eyes, two ears, a nose, two nostrils, a mouth, two cheekbones, a chin... we generally assume that our faces are supposed to be symmetrical. Yet, in reality, this is not quite so! The fact is, if you draw a virtual line from the centre of the forehead to the centre of the lower chin, you will find almost everyone has subtle differences between their right and left sides. Read this blog to learn more about facial symmetry.

To What Extent Does Symmetry Define Beauty?
Facial symmetry is definitely a criterion in assessing beauty. That said, the notions of volume and proportion are also very important. For example, wide eyes, high rounded cheekbones, a fine nose and luscious lips make up a very attractive set in a woman. Other elements, such as the distance between the eyes or the space between the nose and the mouth, are also taken into consideration in order to qualify a face as “scientifically beautiful”.

On the other hand, contrary to what one might think, the people ranked among the most beautiful in the world do not have perfectly symmetrical faces. How do we know? Well, simply thanks to the magic of Photoshop software! Indeed, certain graphic designers decided to have some fun making the faces of Hollywood stars perfectly symmetrical by duplicating one side using a mirror effect. The results? Not so great! On the contrary, a lot of these beautiful people came out having a very unsettling, “alien” look. Conclusion? One eye a little smaller than the other and a slightly curved nose are what can make you drop-dead gorgeous!

Ok... that’s all very well, but too much asymmetry may also prove unflattering (think of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, for example!). Fortunately, thanks to advances in medicine, many facial anomalies can be corrected through plastic surgery.

Our Clinic: Your Beauty Destination in Montreal!
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