What You Need to Know about Breast Lift Surgery

At Centre de Chirurgie Plastique de l’Île-des-Soeurs, our experienced surgeons are well versed in the art of mastopexy, more commonly known as breast lift surgery. This procedure, which has changed the life of countless women for the better, aims to perk up sagging breasts and confer a more youthful appearance to the chest area. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery has been around for many years. The goal of this cosmetic procedure is to lift the breasts and make them firmer in order to improve their shape and positioning. During surgery, the plastic surgeon repositions the nipples (and can also reduce the size of the areolas, if desired).

Breast lift surgery can be performed on its own or in conjunction with another procedure, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

What happens during the procedure, and how long does it take to recover?
Breast lift surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic (sometimes local or twilight) and takes about three hours. During the procedure the surgeon makes incisions to raise the nipples and remove excess skin. Depending on how lopsided the breasts were originally, the surgeon can use various proven techniques to minimize scarring.

As for the recovery period, patients can generally return to their regular activities after only a few weeks, provided they follow all of their surgeon’s recommendations. He or she may also prescribe medication for pain relief to take during the days following the surgery.

Trust our expertise for a firmer, more youthful bust
If you live in the greater Montreal area and are considering breast surgery as a way to boost your self-confidence, you’re in the right place. Centre de Chirurgie Plastique de l’Île-des-Soeurs has a reputation for excellence. Our team of experienced surgeons will be happy to accompany you through a pleasant and safe experience that meets your every expectation. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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